Sunday, 26 August 2012

Saturday, 17 December 2011


At 6:45pm, on October 24, 1915, Sir Ernest Shackleton was, however, starting to look back. He had begun an ocean voyage from England six months ago, and now more than 10, 000 miles from land on a frozen Arctic sea, in a single wooden ship with twenty three men.
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Friday, 16 December 2011

Earn Extra Income in the SXIP

The SXIP (Students Xtra Income Programme) is created by the AIBS to provide students with the opportunity to gain sales entrepreneurship experience whilst still in school and also earn extra income to make school and after-school life more interesting. There is soo much to benefit from this, i urge as many business students as possible to take advantage of this opportunity.

Interested persons should send an e-mail to:

give us your full name,gender and mobile phone number, course and school

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

How To Tap Into The Mega Wealth In Party Drinks Supply Business

It’s common knowledge that Nigerians love partying. There is no weekend that there isn’t one kind of special function or the other going on somewhere around the country; it may be a wedding, birthday, burial, AGM, send forth, an anniversary, book launch, house warming etc.
Several people are usually invited to these sorts of event, so they need to be properly taken care of. When it comes to planning a party, it can sometimes be overwhelming especially when you are in the group of the working class or involved in one business or the other. Planning a party requires a devoted time. And most people usually don’t have time to make proper planning for the kind of party they want. And these have made those in the business of party supplies to be making big money from their services.
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Saturday, 10 December 2011

ASUU Strike Opportunities

“Erm… did I hear you say opportunities?”

Yes! And sorry to disappoint you, ASUU has not resumed yet. Going by their proclamation that it would be “total, comprehensive and indefinite”, it is going to take a miracle for them to resume any time soon. How can I be so sure? You see, ASUU has a long history with strikes- in fact, most people know that such a union exists only because of their strike actions.  Before I got into the university, ASUU was embarking on “total, comprehensive and indefinite strikes”. While I was in the university, they embarked on such- effectively adding almost two years to my stay. Now, yet again, they are at it. If there is anything they’ve built a trademark around, it’s those strikes.
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10 Ways Of Making Money At NYSC Orientation Camp - Jide Ogunsanya

Would you like to make some cool money, as a Corper or Non-Corper, just within the 3 weeks of NYSC Orientation camp ? If Yes, then this article is for you. Opportunity, you know, comes and go. If you are still jobless or still thinking of which business to start, then NYSC Orientation camp is an opportunity you should not let go.

With my experience at different Orientation camps, I decided to share this article with you because with the little you can invest, you can make use of the returns in starting a bigger business after the Orientation Camp. There are many businesses you can engage in at NYSC camps, and this article only covers some, hence do not see it as a complete reference.
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The "Top 10 List" Drives This Website

What Is The Need?
People love to create lists of their favorite things. They create music playlists, wish lists and sports player lists.
If not quite a need, people love to have and share opinions about what they like the best.

The Idea
Create a fun, entertaining website that enabled people to post their top 10 favorites in a wide range of categories.
The site would be aimed at popular culture and invite people to share their 10 favorite movies, foods, songs, stores, toys, cars, football players, actors, bands, authors, books, comedians, animals, vacations, even Seinfeld episodes… there could be many categories. The more categories the site had, the wider its appeal would be. Perhaps the categories could themselves be grouped into broader categories such as entertainment, sports and travel.
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