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How To Tap Into The Mega Wealth In Party Drinks Supply Business

It’s common knowledge that Nigerians love partying. There is no weekend that there isn’t one kind of special function or the other going on somewhere around the country; it may be a wedding, birthday, burial, AGM, send forth, an anniversary, book launch, house warming etc.
Several people are usually invited to these sorts of event, so they need to be properly taken care of. When it comes to planning a party, it can sometimes be overwhelming especially when you are in the group of the working class or involved in one business or the other. Planning a party requires a devoted time. And most people usually don’t have time to make proper planning for the kind of party they want. And these have made those in the business of party supplies to be making big money from their services.

One of the highest earning businesses to invest in today is that of party supplies because of the numerous social functions  that are held often today. Party supplies business is broad. We have Decorations, Photography, Video coverage, Master of Ceremony, Equipment Rentals, Make up, Stylist, Hair dresser, Catering, Drinks supply, Servers, Ushers etc. All these are categorized under the job of an event manager. Much has been said about the money making opportunity in providing all these services at social functions. But not much has been said about the drinks supply business, whereas, this business is fast growing with loads of money to be made.
Drinks supply business has gradually become popular in the event planning industry and there is a lot of money to be made providing this service. Just like caterers provide foods and snacks at functions, drink supply business involves the supply of  chilled soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, wines, juice, palm wine, Chapman, water or any drinks that the host wants for their guests. Usually, what used to be in vogue was the host contracts out the feeding aspect to a caterer while they buy the drinks themselves, ice them and get boys or close friends and family members to help them share at their occasions.
Since the business is now in vogue, any party you attend and you notice they are making use of these set of people, you can stylishly understudy how they operate. Or look for someone who is already in the business and go out with them on one or two occasions.
Every small business will definitely grow if managed properly. You might not have enough capital to buy a cooling van but you could get a welder to build ice chest for you or you could start using drums and if you get a client that wants you to use an ice chest, you simply rent one. An ice chest is an ice cooler that has wheels used in the cooling of drinks. The ice chest does the same work  a cooling van does.
In the drinks supply business, a clients pay upfront. All you need do is get a client who wants you to supply drinks at his or her party. They pay you for all the drinks, be it soft, alcohol, wine, fruit juice, that you would be supplying. They also pay you for renting of drums or ice chest; you charge them for transportation, ice block and the servers you would be bringing. From all these, you have little profits. When you have got money for all you need, you then go to those who are renting it out to rent. The number of guests your client is expecting determines the size or number of ice chests or drums you would be renting. And your clients pay for it. So you might not use your own money to start the this business.
Coca cola is the world’s largest soft drink producer and their products are do-without in most parties. As you would have noticed, Coca-cola has their depotin major areas all over Lagos and even outside Lagos. so you don’t have to go to Coca-cola company but their depots to make the purchase. All their depots sell at the company’s recommended price. If you are buying in large quantities, it is the duty of every depot to supply you free of charge as long as they are within your area. That is why you have to patronize the depot in area you are located.
Coca-cola/Fanta 35cl is N935 per crate
Coca-cola/ Fanta  50cl is N1,050 per crate
Can Coke/Fanta 33cl is N1,900 per pack
Eva bottled water 75cl is N640 per pack
Eva bottled water 150cl is N1,100 per pack
5 Alive 25cl is N1,600 per pack
5 Alive 1 litre is N2,100 per pack
Cappy 1 litre is N2,200 per pack

For Pepsi and Limca, you can always call on their trucks whenever they are passing to supply their distributors because they don’t have many depots like Coca-cola.
Have you ever  noticed that there is nowhere you open a bar that won’t sell? The alcoholic industry has consistently maintained steady growth over the years and they keep introducing new brands. This growth has made new players to come into the industry. Taking alcoholic drinks isn’t limited to bars and homes alone, you can also make double the money are making serving alcoholic drinks. But, you can only serve alcoholic drinks if your clients demand for it.
Just like the soft drinks, you also buy your alcoholic drinks from the company’s depot like Nigerian Breweries and Guinness Nigeria depots.
You can also buy your canned and bottled drinks if you don’t want to buy from their depots, at Shoprite, The Palms Shopping Mall, at Lagos Island or Spa because you can buy the bottle and the content.
Party drinks supply deals will always be on the increase. Therefore, the drinks business is very profitable if managed properly. The social activities every weekend and the large drink consuming public, make your business a busy and booming one; and you are taking the stress off the host. So they would be more than willing to allow you handle the drinks aspect. All you need to get is your ice chest or drums for the business. And you buy drinks on demand.
Party drinks suppliers charge what they call service charge. For instance, one can buy from the depot and sell at the company’s recommended price. And you don’t need to sell to clients at the amount sold outside, but at the company’s price. And the you collect a service charge, that is a particular percentage of the total cost of the drinks. Within Lagos you can charge 15% to 20% of the total cost of drinks depending on the location in Lagos. but if it is outside Lagos, you can charge within 30% to 40%.
As drinks suppliers, you also charge them for the ice chest. Charging for the ice chest also includes the cost of the ice block. You also charge them differently for people who are going to serve.  The number of guests you are expecting determine the number of servers you are bringing in. So, you charge them individually. An ice chest is rented at minimum of N6,000, and the Ice chest lasts for 24 hours. Though some clients insist on drums. For Chapman fruit juice, you can charge them N200-N300 per cup.
Good  service: the best and surest way you could get patronage is through the referral system. No matter how small a party is, ensure you give your best. There must be efficiency and client satisfaction.
Staff: hire staff that are friendly and skilful. It would go a long way in building your reputation for good customer service. The kind of staff you bring and the quality of service you render will make people to request for your complimentary cards.
Integrity: discipline and honesty is key. If you don’t maintain your integrity with the client your business will fall
Client Satisfaction: you should be able to more than satisfy your clients. The best way to satisfy your clients is to make sure that everyone gets a drink and they are chilled.
Efficiency: you must be ready to work
Supplying party drinks, chilling the drinks, mobile cocktail bar service, cocktail and chapman serving, ice chest rentals, courteous uniformed waiters.
This is a great business you can start immediately even while you are still in school.


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