Saturday, 10 December 2011

Business Ideas for University Students

Business Ideas

As a young person in Higher Institution, you may need extra cash. (I know I do.) But, it can be hard to keep a steady job, whether part- time or full- time, while being a full time student. So, you may consider digging into your entrepreneurial skills and finding a business that you can start around your studies. You can make this as simple or complicated as you want. You can start with a little money or with out any and work your way up to a few extra bucks a month.

Starting with a little money

If you are starting off with money, you will be able to open the field a little bit. With money to help back your business, you will be able to explore a wider range of options.

For example:
With a little money to back you up, you can start a website devoted to your interests or major. Use the money for hosting fees. You may, also, consider selling products via Amazon Affiliates, Ebay, and other affiliate programs. Or, you can invest a little and go to a wholesaler; purchase the minimum Naira amount of select products and feature them on your site.

These are a little more practical in regards to money. For the most part, you're just going to need gas money, time, and energy.
  • Tutoring: If you already have an Associate's degree or certification of some kind, you can tutor other students who need help in that area. You don't have to have a degree or certification, though; you can tutor in areas that you are just naturally good at. Spread the word, and I'm sure during finals and mid- terms other students will be flocking to your door for help.
  • Editing: If you're an English major or you're just good at editing papers, you may want to charge students to read and edit their term papers. Don't write the papers, just proof read and edit them. 
  • Take Notes: You may consider taking extra detailed notes in class, and offer your friends and classmates to buy copies for a set fee.
  • Computer Support: If you're good with computers, you may want to offer services to fix basic computer problems. Do manual updates or downloads. Set up virus protection. 
  • Freelance: You may consider signing up to various websites such as HubPages, Squidoo, and Associated Content, to write articles that interest you. Make sure to have a Google Adsense account as well as Amazon and Ebay for websites that allow you to use your own IDs, such as HubPages. Squidoo splits the profits with you, so you don't need to sign up for other programs, as they'll pay you the earnings. Associated Content pays you upfront for some submissions and monthly for your performance.


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